Eco Wedding Tips

Weddings are a big deal. Am I right? So much time and effort goes into making your wedding a memorable and special day for you, your soon to be spouse, your wedding party and your family. How do you make your day special and also be a good steward of the world we live in?  Here are 5 tips to help you with this:

1. Use FLORAL!

Flowers and organic materials are of-the-earth, bio-degradable, beautiful and versatile. Rather than using single-use disposable decor opt for something that will not pollute. Opt for floral!

 Floral is an amazing, versatile, eco-friendly decor choice.

Floral is an amazing, versatile, eco-friendly decor choice.

2. Think reusable

When choosing your wedding decor think about using items that you can reuse or can offer to your wedding party or family for re-use. This can mean finding bud vases at a thrift shop that you would love to keep in your home or love to give as a gift.  Ditch the disposable!

3. Rent

Renting is such a great option for minimizing your environmental impact. You can rent anything; lighting, tableware, stemware, candlesticks, chairs, linens, etc. Rest easy knowing that these items will be re-used again and again. Plus, you can get any style under the sun.

4. Choose your vendors wisely

Ask your vendors what products they use, if they recycle and how they approach their business practices. You want to choose a vendor that represents you and your views with regard to the environment.

5. Ditch the batteries

This is a biggie.  Batteries cannot be recycled and are extremely polluting. If you are choosing candles in your wedding decor, choose real candles not battery operated, faux candles. Ask yourself, do I want to throw away 100 batteries after my wedding is finished?

As you start your life with your partner, make all your wedding choices wisely and thoughtfully. Then you can enjoy your special day with a clear conscience knowing that your impact is minimal and your footprint is small. 

 Organic creations make stunning focal points.

Organic creations make stunning focal points.

Written By: Emily Miller -Floral Designer/Freelance writer - Bend Oregon USA